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From the leadership of Ani and Anjali Sandhu to the dedicated Ace of Events team, it’s our people who bring the execution, talent, and creativity to every one of our events. Meet our team below and find out how our background and story have helped make Ace of Events a leader in the wedding industry.

Meet Ani

In 2008, Ani Sandhu look a leap of faith and started Ace of Events. For over 10 years, Ani has perfected his skills and successfully grown his company, earning the reputation of being an expert in the South Asian wedding industry. Having people continuously return to Ani for events is an impressive accreditation which allows him to grow Ace of Events. Using his charm, fluency in both Punjabi and Hindi, and expertise in South Asian weddings, Ani takes the time to create lasting relationships with you, your partner, and your family. Growing up with a traditional Punjabi upbringing, he embodies a fusion of South Asian and American culture, allowing him to bring a unique balance of both cultures to events. He takes the time to understand you and your family in order to create a wedding that best reflects what is important to you. Many have praised how Ani mixes compassion with professionalism. It is this very blend that allows Ani to quell any concerns you may have, making sure your parents are happy with every decision made along the way.

Much like Ace of Events itself, Ani Sandhu comes from humble beginnings. He graduated from University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2005 with a degree in business. At first, he was going to follow in the footsteps of his father, a successful businessman who ran multiple operations. After graduation, Ani began running businesses such as gas stations and Subway restaurant franchises. However, life felt too monotonous for Ani’s high-achieving personality and he was driven to pursue a new passion. His friends and family were quick to remind him of his passion for planning, referencing the community events and family occasions he frequently had a hand in planning.

Even now with the success of Ace of Events, Ani refuses to sit back and watch. Currently, he is working on several big projects for Ace of Events and the future of the South Asian wedding industry as a whole.

When he is not working, Ani enjoys spending time with his wife and son. He and his father are both heavily involved in his community. He also enjoys traveling, watching movies, the Baltimore Ravens and all things sports related.

Meet Anjali

Anjali’s journey to becoming a mainstay at Ace of Events happened in 2013, when she reconnected with her childhood friend, Ani Sandhu. She was working as a wedding decorator at the time and Ani quickly took note of her immense creative talents, offering her a spot on the Ace of Events team. Ever since that fateful day, Ace of Events has combined Ani’s planning expertise and business background with Anjali’s design sensibilities and creative vision, allowing them to execute unforgettable events full of warmth and personality.

Like her long-time friend and partner, Ani, Anjali’s story also starts in unique places. She started her journey with a biology degree due to her deep love and respect for the sciences. However, her creative spirit couldn’t be tamed, and Anjali pursued her passion for artistry. After working in the dental industry for several years, she began to break into the wedding industry. She flourished as a creative in the wedding industry, breathing new life into several events to create truly unforgettable experiences.

Power is in numbers, and Ani and Anjali believe in a team approach to every event. By combining the knowledge and expertise of several members of our team, we create what we call, “event magic.” Through our combined brainpower, creativity and dedication, we ensure that every event with us is one to remember.

Our trusted team will bring your vision to life! Ace of Events has an extensive portfolio of events at impressive venues such as the Andrew Mellon Auditorium, the National Building Museum, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, The Mayflower Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Omni Shoreham Hotel and many other prestigious venues throughout the Washington, DC area. How did we get to be a leader in the South Asian wedding industry? It all starts here with a talented and motivated team, devoted to you and your needs.

Give us a call and meet the team for yourself. See what and who makes Ace of Events so special.


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